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Star View Data's Identity


Our Mission in the society


Our Values


Our Visions

Under this identity, Star View Data Co.,Ltd. aims to
achieve the society filled with “Thank you”s.


Pursuit of happiness of working members
Achievement of a society filled with “Thank you”s

Star View Data Co.,Ltd. challenges to gather many “Thank you”s
both from clients and members through our business.
We hope that sincere “Thank you”s will spread from us to
the society and help create a world filled with
kindness and appreciation.
Star View Data Co.,Ltd. not only produces new valuable services
using our technique and knowledge of Internet, Database and
Direct Marketing, but contributes to the improvement of
your business through the individual support.





- To be honest(Honesty)

We will respect others’ feelings, situations and characters. To add to that, we will also be honest, and work on everything obediently and earnestly.

- To think about our clients(Client First)

From the viewpoint of clients, we will offer the best service for you.

- To keep challenging(Challenge)

Without being afraid of making mistakes, we will keep on challenging.





Star View Data Co.,Ltd. offers new values to the society with wisdom and idea. We also aim to become the company appreciated by clients, business partners and the working members.

- Medium-term business plan

To become the No1 WEB Marketing Company in the Education Industry
With our technique and knowledge of WEB Marketing and Direct Marketing,
we offer the service useful to education industries.
With the enthusiastic members who want to contribute to education,
we will be the No1 WEB Marketing Company in the education industry.





サービス サービス


One of our unique characteristics is to make the explanation easy to understand. Avoiding specific words for internet industries or technical terms as possible as we can, we try to explain everything in basic words. Our own analysis to get a good result and affluent knowledge of WEB advertisement will enhance the effect of WEB Marketing.

  • For the clients who want to
    attract more people to your
    own web pages.

    Web site Analysis for Education Industries

    We will check and analyze the web site situation which becomes the most important part when utilizing Internet according to our special viewpoints.

    We will understand the customers’ feelings, goals and status, and suggest appropriate mediums and methods.

  • For the clients who want to
    use effective
    web promotions.

    WEB Promotion for Education Industries

    Based on the “Web site analysis”, we will suggest the WEB promotion appropriate for each school.
    We will explain things such as “Why do we use this medium?” or “Why is this scenario appropriate for gathering people?” in simple words.

  • For the clients who want to
    raise people who have confidence and think spontaneously.

    Team Building Training

    This is the special training to enhance the self-esteem of individuals and build the strong team through the active learning.

企業情報 企業情報

Company Profile

Star View Data Co.,Ltd.
February 2008
Kagurazaka HC Studio,2-12 Shimomiyabicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Company Executive
Akira Muroya
Job Details
  1. 1. WEB Promotion Support for Education Industries
  2. 2. Education for Human Resources
  3. 3. Direct Marketing Support

Company Executive Simplified Personal History

Bachelor of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University (2001)
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Hitotsubashi University (2003)

During studying in MBA, he encountered Mr. Masao Ogura who established Yamato Transport Co.,Ltd. and was attracted by his business philosophy and character. As a result, he decided to establish a company.

After working at the food company and the online cosmetic company from 2003 to 2008, he established Star View Data Co.,Ltd.
Through the business at online sales and e-commerce support, he learned direct marketing and database marketing. Now, using those experiences, he offers WEB marketing support businesses mainly for education industries.

お問い合わせ お問い合わせ


Job Details

  • Internet Advertisement Planning & Marketing Planning
  • Management of Internet Advertisement & Writing Reports
  • Business Activities with Clients
  • Other Supportive Activities

Working Conditions

  • Work at the office or at home. Working hours: 9:00~17:00. Negotiable.
  • All-year recruitment. New graduates and former graduates are welcome.
  • Salary varies depending on one’s ability and experience.

Other Terms

  • Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays are off.
    The employee is granted New Year’s Vacation, Summer Vacation and Golden Week Vacation.
  • Social Insurance and In-house Training System are available.